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About Itzhak Kaduri Award

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design: Design & Branding For The New Service Center At The City Hall of Tel-Aviv
designer: Studio Amir Zehavi: Amir Zehavi, Chen Eizenkraf, Slava Vainblat, Lihi
telephone: +972-3-5666477
description: "The concept development for the interior of the City Hall of Tel Aviv including the multidisciplinary planning of “how to serve audiences in the 21st century”, a study of the city of Tel Aviv and its heterogeneity, and an analysis of the existing space and the history of the building. The project involved every design field: interior design, product design, visual communications design and building a concept for the heritage and vision walls. The unique plan incorporates RGB LEDs into the service tables of the “world of service” in different hues dividing the space according to different service needs. Graphic concept: Baruch Naeh."
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