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About Itzhak Kaduri Award

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design: Just a moment
designer: Adi Ben Efraim
telephone: +972 54 5636346
description: The goal of this work is to add excitement to simple, everyday tasks and turn them into an experience. In modern life almost everything is an arm’s length away and done with a press of a button. The more an action is made shorter and easier, the more we lose the feelings and sensations which surrounded it in the past. Can receiving an email or a text message be compared with the excitement of finding a letter in the mailbox? The project provides a renewed look on packaging and offers five new ways to open a box. Each box creates a different experience which enhances the anticipation, the curiosity and the surprise accompanying the quick act of opening a package.
school: Shenkar College of Engineering And Design
department: Dep. of Industrial Design
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