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About Itzhak Kaduri Award

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design: Poster series for “Build–Rebuild–Resist
designer: Studio Shual - Guy Saggee
telephone: +972 3 5568792
description: These posters were designed for artist Yael Bartana’s activities; she also took the photos. The documentation of the reconstruction of a demolished house serves as the basis for a film shown in the exhibition “Liminal Spaces” (spaces in between) in Germany. The posters, accompanying the film, are intended to act as propaganda and a call to join the activities of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. They are also intended to stimulate criticism and to provoke an examination of the ideals that motivate these philanthropic activities. The Palestinian workers are substitutes for the Zionist workers who built the country. The Arabic ornamentation serves as a platform for presenting the scenes of construction.
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