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About Itzhak Kaduri Award

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design: Yiddishland
designer: Moran Goldenberg
telephone: +972 52 8314724
description: An image intended is to take Yiddish out of the attic, shake the mothballs of it and open it to a new, young audience. I chose Yiddish as the subject for my final project since for me it is an integral part of our tradition, a culture which we must preserve and give to coming generations. The main value which led me through the project is the languageā€™s ever present humor, the jokes, the unconventional curses, the idioms, the stories, the shows and the atmosphere which comes along with this culture. Yiddishland Festival is a three-day street festival which takes place in the Florentin neighborhood in Tel Aviv, where young adults hang out.
school: Shenkar College of Engineering And Design
department: Dep. of Graphic Design
product image/movie:

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